Media Center SharePoint Hosted App for Media Assets that exist outside of SharePoint. Note: This version only supports Azure Media Services where future versions will support other cloud Media Services.


  1. After Installation, you will come to a screen with an Alert telling you that you do not have any videos in your Media Center.
    Click on the "connect" link and this will take you to the "settings" page.
  2. On the settings page enter your credentials for your Azure Media Services Account. There are links below each field with a screenshot that will assist you in finding where each piece of information exists.
    Azure Media Services Account Settings
  3. After you click the "Save Settings" button you will be automatically redirected to the Media Center Gallery page where your assets will be synchronized between your Azure Media Services Account and the Media Center App.
  4. When your Azure Media Services Assets are finished synchronizing, you should see them appear in the Gallery page.
    Gallery Page

Playing the Videos

You can play the video 2 ways:

  1. You can just double click the Thumbnail in the Gallery Page.
  2. You can highlight the thumbnail you are interested in and click on the elipsis icon on the bottom right hand corner that should appear. There will be a flyout and in that flyout you will see a "Play" link, click that link and the video will play.
    Gallery Page

Video Properties/Metadata

All video properties are synchronized from the Azure Media Services, including the Azure Media Services Metadata field and the associated thumbnails for each asset. The synchronization service does a mapping of the Thumbnail jpeg asset to the video asset through the asset's name. It is important that your assets are uniquely named and you follow the Azure Media Services default Thumbnail generation task that will generate the appropriate naming convention for your thumbnail jpeg asset. Otherwise, the thumbnails will not be synchronized correctly and you will only show the default video empty thumbnail image.

Keeping things in-Sync

The Media Center App does not currently allow bi-directional synchronization of your Media Center App Assets with Azure Media Services. This is planned in future releases, for now you must update your Azure Media Services account with Assets and then synchronize the Media Center App with your Azure Media Services Account. This can be accomplished in two ways:

  1. Automatic Sync

    If you navigate to the Settings page (which can be found in the drop down from the gear box on the top right corner of the Gallery App page or in the settings of the Asset Library in its "Library" Ribbon), you will see on the right hand side of the Settings page a "Sync" section that will allow you to set an automatica synchronization time in days.

    Settings Page

  2. Manual Sync

    You can also sync via the "Refresh List" button on the Gallery App Page where the thumbnails of each video exist.

    Gallery Page